Energy Consultancy Silver needed a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system to handle rapid growth and were recommended to consider Go Live. In this case study Susy Ghisu who is responsible for customer service at Silver explains why they took that advice and what happened next:

“We were looking for a CRM solution and our IT supplier Conosco recommended GoLive to our Managing Director Justin Fletcher; the need was quite urgent and Jules was very responsive. By initially carrying out a business analysis to better understand our requirements, Jules thought that within six weeks we could have all the information in one place and we could have a better interaction between managers, engineers and clients – essentially exactly what we wanted and needed”.

“By customising NetSuite, our CRM system, we were able to include details of properties, assets, meter readings and engineer hours, also Jules created dashboards with key management report information. She also migrated all of our existing data into the new system. This made us much more efficient and was exactly what we were looking for. She also set up the customer support and case management system”.

“All this was delivered within the six weeks promised and she provided comprehensive support where I could just pick up the phone and call with any questions. We also had online meetings which were really good as I am the kind of person where, if something it is not 100% clear, I do not hold back so I asked a lot of questions because I wanted to be familiar with the system which it’s quite vital for us. Jules was always there happy to help and she had her team of consultants as well to support us therefore the whole service provided was very good”. 

“Jules clearly has an extensive knowledge of NetSuite and many years of experience as a consultant so all our questions were fully answered and she also provided several solutions to overcome our challenge and meet our requirements”.

“Sometimes we had something that wouldn’t fully suit us so we asked what the options available were. She would give us different alternatives of how to use the system. She worked hard on the flexibility of Netsuite in order to deliver a tailored product which would allow our company to improve our service towards our clients as well as improve communication within our own company”.

“It wasn’t just delivering the tailored CRM system. We were given comprehensive training too and she made an effort to fully understand the nature of business in order to tailor the training. I felt that she was always willing to help and committed, an attitude which never refrained me from asking a lot of questions which, sometimes, I thought they might have sounded silly. 
When the training was finished Jules gave us some notes as a reference and back-up in case we would need them to train somebody else within the company. This was very handy and, at the same time, showed that Jules is always willing to share her knowledge and move forward. 

“I think that besides the personal touch in delivering the service, what matter is the fact that Jules actually cares, is very committed and most importantly get things done.
I used to ask questions in bullet points and then she would comment in red next to the bullet points either with an actual answer or just noting that the question will have been answered once she had more information and worked on that specific topic.  
She is very precise and I could see that in everything GoLive delivered for Silver. We would definitely recommend Go Live.”

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