Welcome to GoLive where we provide step by step support to ensure businesses thrive through the use of SaaS, tapping into the potential of the Cloud, making the most of CRM, helping with ERP and are established specialists in NetSuite solutions.

To be fair we also strive to spare you the jargon – SaaS is software as a service and can be a cost effective approach to using licensed software and the Cloud frees up that server room and stores information offsite and is accessible online.

With CRM or Customer Relationship Management we ensure that your customer database works for you and becomes a powerful tool for generating leads, handling sales and retaining your clients. All too often databases are neglected or are not utilised to their full capability.

We understand how best to use CRM software to help businesses and are happy to share our expertise.

When it comes to ERP – or Enterprise Resource Planning, this reflects another key part of our approach and simply means we embrace an integrated approach to ensure all your software systems work together for your business with the obvious productivity benefits.

We have become NetSuite specialists with years of experience which we use to guide and support you with what remains one of the most powerful systems to effectively leverage an integrated approach to your business solution.

Contact GoLive today to explore how we can help you make sense of your business solutions.

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